What is Page Authority? (Importance of Page Authority)

Many tools and metrics are available that you can use to improve your search engine rankings (SERPs). The Page Authority metric is one of the most useful metrics (PA). Page Authority (PA) measures how well a page might rank compared to others on the same topic. 

This ranking factor was developed by Moz, an SEO software company, and is not directly related to PageRank or Google’s algorithm. 

Rather than representing a ranking factor, it represents a comparative analysis of your website and your competitors, with particular attention paid to their link profiles. 

The Page Rank is relative, so what works for one site might not work for another. SEO services like link-building and content creation can help you reach your PA goals. 

Nonetheless, PA doesn’t capture a page’s overall quality or SEO value, so keep that in mind.

What is a “good” Page Authority? 

Since Page Authority is calculated comparatively, it can be used to determine which pages have more powerful or important links when analyzing search engine results. 

Since the Page Authority score is a comparative tool, there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” score.

How Page Authority is Measure? 

Page authority is measured on a logarithmic scale of 100 points. An increased PA score makes it easier for a page to rank in search engines.  

The page authority metric can also be used to compare a website’s performance with those of its competitors. The criteria are based on three factors: 

  • Frequent Updates

The rankings of your page will suffer if it is old and neglected. A frequent update, however, will result in a higher crawl demand.

  • The contribution of your links to the page 

Adding links to your page is all well and good, but if they’re irrelevant and do not add value to your content, then they will have no positive effect on your page authority score. 

  • Trust Level of Page 

The authority of a page will not increase if the content on that page is of poor quality and the links are unreliable. Your web page should be high-quality at every level. 

What role does PA play in SEO? 

Search engine rankings are closely related to page authority, which represents a page’s ranking ability. In the ranking, Google considers a website to be powerful and credible if it has a high PA score. 

However, Moz recommends using Page Authority as a relative SEO metric rather than an absolute score when determining which web page may rank better in the SERPs due to the way Page Authority is calculated. 

Furthermore, Page Authority doesn’t take on-page SEO factors like keyword usage and content optimization into account. There are only off-page SEO factors like the number and quality of incoming links that are used to measure PA. 

Since PA is a comparative metric, its score will change as the data being fed into the algorithm changes. 

Therefore, Moz states that PA is neither a good nor a bad metric when it comes to comparing a set of pages for SEO purposes against each other.

For example, a webpage with a low Page Authority score may outrank a page with a higher Page Authority score. 

Therefore, Page Authority should be used in conjunction with other important factors such as Domain Authority and the quality of the on-page SEO optimization to provide a relative measure of success. 

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