What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

It is important to know what your Domain Authority results mean once you have checked your Domain Authority. Consequently, many people wonder what is a good domain authority score

There are many factors that contribute to the calculation of domain authority. To provide you with an example, websites such as Google, Apple, or Microsoft will have a high Domain Authority (DA) of 90 to 95. 

However, the DA of a newly created website will be low, possibly between 10 and 20, so it is best not to worry about it. 

In the case of increasing your authority score from 20 to 30, it is going to be much easier than it is going to be to increase it from 70 to 80. Among the ranges of good domain authority, there are the following ranges that you should consider:      

  • 10-30: Poor      
  • 30-40: Below average      
  • 40-50: Average 
  • 50-60: Good 
  • 60-70: Very good 
  • Above 80: Excellent  

However, this is just one side of the story and it doesn’t tell the whole story. The DA of your site must be compared to your competitors to determine if it is good or not. We will discuss the topic later. 

What is a Good DA Score? 

It is important to remember that DA scores represent a relative metric, which should be compared with those of domains with which yours competes. 

Even though a DA of 35 may be sufficient to rank competitively in certain industries or niches, it may not be sufficient in other areas. The truth is, there is no perfect number since your domain authority ranking is merely a comparison. 

Check out what Moz says about domain authority

You need to know your direct online competition to get a good domain authority score. In this competition, you will find businesses ranking for the same keywords as your business in the search engine results. The size and scale of their businesses are also similar to yours. 

Let us use a real-life example to illustrate this point. Consider, for example, the case where you own a baby clothing store. I assume that you will not be comparing your domain authority to that of someone like Zara. 

It is no secret that Zara is a retailer that stands head and shoulders above its competition, including Amazon, Walmart, and many others. It is a mistake to compare your domain authority with Zara because this is a recipe for disaster. 

You should instead compare your domain authority to that of similar baby clothing stores like yours. That is in the same region and has the same size as your one. If you wish to do this, you should look for businesses that rank for the same keywords as you do.  

Thus, it is your competitors who determine what score your domain authority will be. Your goal should be to rank highest among your competitors in terms of domain authority.  

The best domain score for your business is 55 to 65 if your direct competitors have a score between 40 and 50. You’ll rank higher and get more traffic.

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