Does Google Use Domain Authority?

The market is filled with many ranking metrics that are considered to be important for ranking websites on Google’s first pages these days. Domain Authority is one of these ranking factors. But the question is Does Google use domain authority when rating a particular website? 

The final decision rests with Google. Because no one knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works when ranking particular websites, no one can be certain. Since domain authority is a Moz metric, we have to look at what he has to say about it: 

According to Moz, Google does not consider domain authority when determining its search engine ranking. 

Currently, Google is using metrics similar to Domain Authority based on links, however, they do not use Domain Authority as a standalone metric. I would advise you to avoid bringing up the topic with them as much as possible. 

According to Jhon Mueller, an employee of Google: 

Indeed, we do not have anything like an authority score for websites. We do take into account some things about a website on a whole basis, though. However, I don’t believe Google has a “website authority score. 

However, there is an indirect way that “domain authority” can affect rankings as well. The domain authority of a website (together with the number of backlinks pointing to its pages) translates into a lot of “link juice”.  

The link juice can easily be passed between its pages via internal links. This means that a page that does not have any external backlinks can rank higher only as a result of the internal links it receives from other pages within its domain. 


Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) is very similar to Ahrefs’ Domain Rank (DR), Semrush’s Authority Score, and Majestic’s Flow Metric Scores in that it ranks websites based on their authority. 

It should be noted that all these metrics are calculated by third-party tools and do not have any effect on search engine rankings in any way. 

Despite Mueller’s suggestion that Google’s metrics map into things similar to Domain Authority, he has repeatedly denied Moz’s use of Domain Authority on Twitter and Reddit. 

Additionally, he emphasized that anything done internally is not considered “domain authority”. Thus, it is safe to assume that Domain Authority does not play a significant role in the ranking of a website.

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